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Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines Writing articles

Manuscript Components

Research result article consists of a title, author's name, abstract in English and Indonesia, keywords, introductions, methods, results and discussions, conclusions, and bibliography.

Review article consists of a title, author's name, abstract in English and Indonesia, keywords, introductions, contents, closings, and bibliography.


a. The title is written in Indonesian language and informative, concise, and not too long or short (5 -15 word).

b. Consists of the variables under study and describes the content of the manuscript.

c. The title does not contain abbreviations or formulas.

d. The title page should include the title of the manuscript only. The names of authors should be deleted to ensure double blinding of the paper during the peer review process.

Abstract and Keyword

a. The abstract is concisely written, about the most important ideas and contain introduction, research objectives, research method, research results and conclusion

b. Written in Indonesian and English language with 150 minimum & 300 words maximum.


The introduction is presented in an integrated manner without subtitle. It is written in the form of paragraphs with a length of 15-20% the length of the article and contains:

a. Background or research rational

b. Theoretical basis 

c. Gap analysis

d. Research questions

e. Research objective


The method is written with a length of 15-20% the length of the articles and contain:

a. The study design

b. The location and place of the study

c. Population and sample study

d. Data collection techniques and data sources

e. Method of data analysis

Results and Discussion

Results and discussion are presented with a length of 60-70% the length of the articles. The results represent a major part of scientific articles containing:

a. Results of data analysis

b. Results of hypothesis testing

c. It can be presented with a table or graph to clarify results verbally

d. A discussion is an important part of the entire scientific article. The purposes of the discussion are: answer the research problem, interpret the findings, integrate the findings of research into the existing knowledge, and formulate a new theory or modify the existing theories (what/how, why, what else)

Conclusions and recommendations

a. Contain conclusions and recommendations.

b. Conclusions contain answers to the research questions

c. Recommendations refer to the results of research and practical form of action, specify to whom and for what recommendation intended.

d. Written in essay form, not in numerical form.


Acknowledgments are especially addressed to research funders or donors. Thanks can also be conveyed to those who helped carry out the research.


a. Contain literature that is referenced in the content, written in the format APA 6th Edition.

b. 20 Reference minimum.

c. Fully written, appropriate with the references in the content

d. Only load literature referenced in the content

e. Bibliography format is format APA 6th Edition

f. Management reference application such as Mendeley, Zotero or Endnote, should be used by authors when citing a reference.

Writing Format

(to be upload) MS Office  ;  RTF file ; WPS file